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Certified Restaurant Professional (CRP) 

Mastering skills for Bartenders, Cashiers, Line Cooks, Hosts, Servers, etc. 


This where incumbent workers can prove their skills and get industry recognized validation for the effort! They have hustled to get to where they are, and now it’s time to move on to the next stage in their career. They are ready to show employers that they have mastered the skills of a professional in this industry and that they are hungry for more. The Certified Restaurant Professional credential will help incumbent workers do just that.

Designed by restaurant industry experts, the exam focuses on the most important professional skills for success in the hospitality industry.


  • Front-of-the-House Knowledge and Service Culture

  • Back-of-the-House and Restaurant Kitchen Knowledge

  • Product Quality and Cost Control

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Implementation of Company Policies

  • Meeting Customer Service and Quality Assurance Goals

  • Leadership

  • Workplace Safety

  • Cost Control

Industry Recognized  certifications for incumbent hospitality industry workers 


Training and Certifications Advancing the Industry’s Workforce

ServSuccess training and certifications support restaurant and hospitality workers from day one. From cashiers and line cooks to general managers, ServSuccess delivers the tools that build the knowledge and validate the skills needed to grow across career stages.

ServSucess training is available in a completely online format that provides access resources that can help participants build knowledge and mastery of restaurant industry skills and competencies.

Complete programs enhance career opportunities with professional certifications that validate hospitality professionals restaurant industry experience.


ServSuccess was built for industry employees who are hungry to get ahead in life and operators who understand that growing people is key to their future success.

From online courses, interactive learning suites, and industry-recognized certifications, ServSuccess is the most comprehensive career path discovery-based training designed by the restaurant industry to support the restaurant industry.

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