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Hospitality Skills Building Accelerator can take many forms. What does your region need?  Scaled customer service training? Incumbent worker programs and certifications?  Food Safety education? Apprenticeship set-up guidance and implementation? Industry connection? 

The sections below demonstrate that there are professional development potentials for all levels of the industry. From job readiness to hospitality executive certifications. 


What kind of model would create meaningful impact for hospitality industry workforce development in your region? 


Lets talk? 


Hospitality Ready 

For participants just entering the hospitality industry. The following certifications provide a firm foundation of knowledge, skills, and abilities, for success in line level positions and advancement.  

5 Day Program

(Includes RTI for Line Cook Apprenticeship)

Work Readiness
Personal Skills


Ready to Supervise  

Fundamentals of Managing Restaurant Operations
Fundamentals of Restaurant Leadership
Introduction to Restaurant P&Ls; Monitoring & Controlling Costs
Managing Food Safety, Sanitation & Risk Management


ServSuccess (CRS)

For participants who have enjoyed some success in the industry and are ready to take next steps in their careers.  They have the respect of their teams and are ready to move towards leadership.

90 Day Program

(Includes RTI for Line Cook, Restaurant Manager & Kitchen Manager DOL HSRA Apprenticeships)

Apprenticeship – RM

Apprenticeship – LC

Apprenticeship - KM




Ready to Manage

Leadership and Strategy

Finance and Business Management

Marketing & Sales

HR & Performance Management


ServSuccess (CRM)

These participants are most likely incumbent workers who have already enjoyed increased responsibility and have supervised shifts. They are respected by staff, and deliberate and focused professional development strategies will create ideal managers for restaurants and hotels. 

120 Day Program

(Includes RTI for Line Cook, Restaurant Manager & Kitchen Manager DOL HSRA Apprenticeships)




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