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If you are an employer seeking information and guidance regarding the set up and implementation of culinary and/or management apprenticeships in your restaurant or hotel, you have come to the right place!

The first step is to reach out for a consultation call.


Why talk with me? 

I would be happy to provide more information regarding: 

  • The six hospitality apprenticeship pathways available through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation & The American Hotel & Lodging Association.

  • How to recruit, place, and train apprentices in your restaurant or hotel. 

  • An outline of the process required to implement registered DOL apprenticeship(s) in your organization. 

  • An explanation of the resources available that are provided by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

  • The Workforce Development System in your region and how you can benefit from available programs. 

  •  Why apprenticeships are so valuable for workers, organizations, and communities. 

  • Next steps on how to get started on your journey to mentorship. 

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