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What is an apprenticeship sponsor? 

Defining a Program Sponsor
In every DOL Registered Apprenticeship, there is a designated organization accountable for the program's effective execution. This entity is referred to as the program sponsor or the standards-holder of the apprenticeship program.

Potential Program Sponsors

  • Employers:

    • Many employers take the initiative to sponsor their own apprenticeship programs.

  • Business Associations:

    • ​A number of state restaurant and hospitality associations are involved in sponsoring apprenticeship programs and also provide the necessary Related Technical Instruction (RTI).

  • Third-Party Organizations: 

    • Occasionally, an external organization may act as the sponsor for an apprenticeship program on behalf of employers. This approach effectively delegates the management and supervision of the program to the sponsoring organization.

Key Responsibilities of a Sponsor:
The sponsor of a program bears the ultimate responsibility for its proper management and adherence to established standards and DOL regulations. Their duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining records as per DOL guidelines, including documentation of apprentices' RTI completion, progression through the work process, wage increase evidence, Employer EEO policy, hiring procedures, and HR records.

  • Engaging in and addressing issues during DOL program audits.

  • Collaborating with the DOL to develop program standards, RTI, and Work Process, and to keep these standards and appendices current.

  • Enrolling apprentices in RAPIDS (DOL's online tracking system) and reporting their progress through this system.

Who Benefits from Apprenticeship Intermediaries?
Apprenticeship intermediaries are particularly advantageous for companies, especially small and mid-sized 
businesses that lack extensive HR resources. These intermediaries provide essential support in designing and administering apprenticeship programs, making them a valuable asset for these organizations

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