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Why Apprenticeship?

Advantages for Business Owners

Apprenticeship programs present numerous advantages for employers, including:

  1. Building a workforce that is highly skilled and proficient.

  2. Reducing staff turnover and cultivating employee loyalty.

  3. Tailoring training programs to meet specific organizational needs.

  4. Preserving valuable knowledge as seasoned professionals approach retirement.

  5. Eligibility for financial incentives linked to registered apprenticeship programs.


Curious about the financial gains apprenticeships can offer your business?

Explore the Idaho DOL Apprenticeship Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator to discover how apprenticeships can decrease your operational costs  

Advantages for Apprentices


Apprenticeships offer significant benefits to apprentices, such as:

  1. Earning a salary while learning, with wages increasing throughout the apprenticeship.

  2. Acquiring new skills in sought-after sectors.

  3. Learning from mentors who are experts in their fields.

  4. Starting a long-term career with minimal or no college debt.

  5. Receiving a nationally-recognized apprenticeship certificate from the U.S. Department of Labor.

  6. Ensuring personal and professional development, supported by the employer's commitment to their training and success.

Advantages for Everyone

Apprenticeships contribute positively to the wider labor market by encouraging a culture where businesses invest in their employees, and workers, in return, feel dedicated to their employers, motivated to stay and advance within the company.


Additionally, these programs facilitate the continuous transfer of knowledge from experienced professionals to newcomers, ensuring a consistently skilled workforce in high-demand restaurant and hotel positions. 

Contact me to have a wider conversation about the advantages of apprenticeship in your restaurant or hotel, or about collaboration with your workforce development agency. 

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