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Thank you for registering to attend the Hospitality United: Strengthening Industry Through Partnerships presentation at the Illinois WIOA Summit. It was wonderful to see so many people with an interest in workforce development strategies for the restaurants and hotels of Illinois!

We wanted to leave attendants with some links so that you have all of our collective resources right at your fingertips for when you want to explore.  

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time. I would love to unpack some of the models that we are building in Madison County and beyond. I am sure I speak for the rest of the presenters as well. 

My contact information is:

David Faro, MPA, CGSP

Sr. Manager of Workforce and Business Development

National Restaurant Association

Calendly – Book time directly on my calendar to meet and let's start a conversation.

Potential Topics for discussion:

  • Meaningful industry recognized certifications that count in an interview.

  • Incumbent Worker programming and career advancing KSAs for people looking up the ladder.

  • Adult Education strategies for people who love to serve.

  • Dislocated worker strategies for people pursuing new dreams.

  • Supported Youth Apprenticeships for young people.

  • 6 Registered DOL hospitality sector apprenticeships including RTI.


Please visit the below link to get an in-depth view of what Madison County Employment and Training along with Great Rivers and Routes have implemented in Southwestern Illinois. 


We would love to replicate their efforts in your region of the state.

Illinois Business Journal Coverage of WFD initiative in Southwestern Illinois


Co-presenter links:


Tony Fuhrmann - Madison County Employment and Training


Beth Bear - Great Rivers and Routes Tourism Bureau


Joe McGinnis - Collinsville Area Vocational Center


Thank you for taking the time to read this note, I’d love to be a thoughtful partner and champion for your efforts!


Best regards,

David Faro

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