To whom it may concern, 

I was a marketing and communications intern for David Faro when he was the Senior Manager of Marketing at the Washington Hospitality Association. My time working with David was a powerful part of my education. During my time as his intern, he encouraged me to follow my interests – specifically, data collection and analysis – and provided the resources and guidance I needed to really learn and grow professionally. My internship with David took place during the last quarter of my undergraduate degree and the positive learning experience I had as his student is responsible in no small part for my decision to pursue a graduate degree. This year I completed my Master of Public Administration. I am also currently employed at the Washington Student Achievement Council as a Program Data Manager. 

I cannot recommend David as a leader and Director enough. He thinks outside the box when it comes to learning strategies. During my time working with him he put me at the forefront of the research and development of marketing for the organization we worked with. I was given the opportunity to do exciting things every day and I never felt like I was just an intern working for David, but rather I felt like I was a part of the team.

David used the Socratic method often, and it was through the questions that he posed during my internship that most of my learning happened. David would present problems, and then we (myself and another intern) would go after the answers. David is himself a lifelong learner and seemed to enjoy when, after hard work and research, interns were able to eclipse his own knowledge in certain areas. He was always ready to become a student as well. 

At the time, David was working to develop an awareness of new communications strategies, how to properly measure their effectiveness, and how to operationalize the collection of useful communications metrics. While I worked with him, I developed key understandings of marketing techniques, software proficiencies, statistical analysis, business administration principles, and communications best practices. I also watched David work, solve problems, and maintain business relationships both within and outside of the office. This experience was invaluable to my development as a professional. He is an energetic presence both as a teacher and a coworker, always bringing enthusiasm and positivity that I can seldom manage on my best days. During my internship, I became a close colleague of his and, after my internship was over, he encouraged the association to hire me to continue the projects I was working on. I stayed with the Washington Hospitality Association for three more years.


From my experiences working with and learning from David, I am sure that he would make an excellent communications team leader in any capacity, with any organization. I know that he loved the internship program he built for the association, since he often told me it was his favorite part of his work. I watched him teach many interns after me and he treated them each as individuals, acknowledging and leveraging their specific abilities and special interests. Some of his students certainly were more challenging than others, but he always worked hard to give them the benefit of the doubt and special care if necessary. He tried to be a partner in their learning journey first, and a boss second.

David is a fun guy to be around. He is jovial and loves to laugh. He also has a wealth of rich life experiences from traveling around the world several times, doing a wide variety of things. He has a story to accompany just about every situation and that always added to our discussions and seminars as well.  David has a deep sense of humor.

I am sure that David would be a great leader in your organization. I can easily see David becoming everyone’s favorite colleague. You know the one: The guy that people remember for years afterwards, stay in touch with, and often go back to visit. I have no doubt that future employees of his would be provided with some of the same great academic and technical foundations that I acquired as David’s intern and have since built my career on.



Ross - Former Student and Colleague