I am currently thinking about how we go about connecting the dots in the workforce crisis in Washington state.


Lost jobs that will not be coming back soon. 

How do we equitably prepare people for totally new careers through training and education?

How do we equitably help people launch afterward? 


How do we continue to offer support as students, laid off employees, and apprehensive citizens reintegrate and move into the future?   

These questions will have a high demand for answers as the shape of many industries readjusts in the years to come.

What is the story you tell about your organization?

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Latest Projects

Grant Writing - VR Research Project 

What is the future role of virtual reality in marketing and training? 

Content Marketing Focus

Recent technology in conjunction with new CRM upgrades have allowed marketing teams to leverage CRM data in an operationally manageable way. This can enable a team to create drip marketing funnels that work in tandem with current content marketing strategies. How can the world use content marketing strategies to reengage destroyed economies? 

A Project for Dad

A robust content marketing system to promote a book. Keywords: social media, website, blog, content, design, photography, video, organic and paid engagement strategies. 

“David Faro....was the most engaged and demanding, asking the materials to deliver every morsel of knowledge, skills and abilities it could muster...he worked to squeeze the maximum benefit out of every piece of data offered."

Cheryl Simrell King - Author of Transformational Public Service: Portraits of Theory in Practice

“David is an internationalist. He brings a North American perspective that is spiced by travel and work in some of the most remote locations on the planet. David always seems to be energized to act in a moment's notice. He is a solutions guy first and foremost."

Geoff DeVito - Synergy 

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