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Webinars & Keynotes 

Contact Me to discuss in person or virtual presentations focused on hospitality workforce development model and training for your organization. 


Workforce Development Professionals:

Unleash the Power of Exceptional Service with a Globally-Experienced Hospitality Expert! With decades of global expertise in hospitality, training, and education, David Faro, MPA brings a trove of hospitality workforce management and training insights to your organization, conference, or information sessions. David's unique blend of management experience, coupled with a deep academic resume, positions him as a go-to expert for transformative workforce development programs in the hospitality industry. David offers thought partnership and invigorating presentations. David also aims to create connections with the National Restaurant Association and its Educational Foundation along with thier their programs. David's conversations focus on building collaborative networks that seek to empower hospitality workers and employers in your region. 


Join David in shaping a future where hospitality isn't just a service, but an art form!


Hospitality Employers:

"Transform Your Hospitality Business with World-Class Expertise!

As a seasoned professional in hospitality and workforce training, with global hospitality management experience along with graduate study focused on making lists about ice machines, staffing concerns, food costs, and the public sector, David is excited to contribute to the elevation of your team's performance. David's approach intertwines practical skills with cutting-edge industry trends, ensuring your staff not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. David also helps employers understand the benefit of partnerships with the National Restaurant Association and its Educational Foundation. David will help create unforgettable experiences for your guests, creating an experience for your staff they will not soon forget. 


Let's embark on a journey to redefine hospitality excellence in your business - together!

CTE Educators:

"Inspire Your Students with a Global Hospitality Expert!

With a rich background in global hospitality management, public speaking, workforce training, and helping to facilitate expeditions, David has been to some of the most remote places on the planet. David Faro offers an exceptional learning experience for your CTE programs shedding  light on career pathways, educational frameworks, and opportunities for career advancement and adventure. David's interactive presentations are not just informative but are filled with engaging stories from around the world, demonstrating the vibrant potential of a career in hospitality. David will bridge the gap between theory and practice, providing insights into real-world problem-solving for newcomers to the industry, trying to build a map for themselves. 


Let's collaborate to ignite a passion for hospitality in your students, preparing them for a bright and exciting future in the industry!

A Selection of Available Presentations, Keynotes, and Workshops

  • Why My Kid Wants to be a Hospitality Apprentice

  • Customer Service as an Art Form - Guest Service Gold 

  • The Challenge(s) of Hospitality Workforce Development in America 

  • Strategies for Training Incumbent Workers in Hospitality Positions 

  • Introducing State Restaurant and Hotel Associations to Public Sector Workforce Development and Council Collaboration

  • I am Running a Restaurant!  How Could I possibly Set Up an Apprenticeship? 

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