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Industry-Leading Workforce Development Programs:  Contribute to the design and implementation of innovative workforce development programs that become benchmarks for collaboration between the hospitality industry and workforce development agencies.


These programs should integrate the latest trends in hospitality, effective training methodologies, and public sector insights.


Programs should address the evolving needs of the workforce, ensuring that individuals are equipped with skills that are in high demand in the hospitality industry.

Strategic Partnerships with Key Organizations: Forge strong partnerships between leading hospitality organizations like the National Restaurant Association and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, workforce development councils, economic development councils, educational frameworks, chambers of commerce, small business associations, employers and workers.


These partnerships should focus on collaborative efforts to enhance industry standards, develop comprehensive training modules, and create opportunities for mutual growth and learning.

Advocacy: Utilize expertise to inform workforce development decision making when considering "SECTOR PARTNERSHIPS" and determining  "INDUSTRIES OF FOCUS". 


Aim to advocate for policies that support the growth and development of the hospitality sector, including workforce training, economic incentives for businesses, and initiatives that promote industry sustainability and innovation.

Educational Content and Public Speaking: Expert Content Creator in the field of hospitality & workforce development. Deliver compelling presentations at industry conferences, workshops, and educational institutions. Additionally, contribute thought leadership through articles, research papers, and online content that guide and shape the future of workforce development for hospitality workers and employers.

Networking and Community Building: Establish a robust network of professionals, educators, and industry leaders. This network should serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, discussing industry challenges, and exploring collaborative solutions. Aim to create a community that fosters innovation, mentorship, and continuous learning within the hospitality sector.

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