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How to apply for your state's Eligible Training Provider List

What is the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)?

National Eligible Training Provider List

State Restaurant Associations: Applying to become an Eligible Training Provider (ETP) for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding involves several key steps, and the process can vary slightly depending on your state. The goal is to have the training programs that you offer that are eligible (ServSafe, ServSucess, Guest Service Gold, Food Handler, etc.) on your state's ETPL list. 


Here’s a general outline of the procedure:

Understand State Requirements: Each state has its own criteria and processes for becoming an ETP. It's essential to familiarize yourself with your state's specific requirements. This information is usually available on the website of your state's workforce commission or labor department.

Gather Necessary Information: Typical information required for the application includes details about your training programs, success rates, qualifications of instructors, program costs, and the outcomes for trainees, such as job placement rates.

Complete the Application: Obtain and complete the application form from the relevant state department. The application may require detailed information about your organization, the training programs you offer, and how these programs align with the current labor market needs.

Provide Evidence of Program Effectiveness: You may need to provide evidence that your programs are effective. This could include data on graduation rates, job placement rates, and other success metrics.

Submit the Application: After filling out the application and gathering all necessary documentation, submit your application to the designated state agency.

Undergo a Review Process: Once submitted, your application will undergo a review process. The state agency will assess your application against the state’s criteria for ETPs. This process may also involve site visits or additional information requests.

Await Approval: If your application meets the state’s criteria, you will be added to the Eligible Training Provider List. Note that being approved as an ETP is not a one-time process. There will likely be periodic reviews to ensure ongoing compliance with the standards.

Stay Informed About Compliance and Reporting: Once approved, you’ll need to stay informed about any reporting requirements and compliance standards to maintain your status as an ETP.

I recommend contacting your state’s workforce agency or labor department directly for specific guidance and to obtain the necessary application forms and instructions.


Additionally, attending any informational workshops or webinars offered by these agencies can be very helpful in understanding the process and requirements.

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