• Exciting approaches to project management.

  • Team building experience.

  • Critical thinking. 

  • Wide ranging perspectives.

  • Leadership strategies.

  • Marketing initiative and consulting acumen.

The top levels of any industry require system thinkers, creative rebels, and tech and data-crunching know how.

Invite David to think along with you, speak to your teams, and help find solutions to the communications issues that currently face your teams. 

Read some of David's recent articles.

Available for:

  • Project Management

  • Consulting

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Public Relations

  • Public Speaking 

  • Business Intelligence 

  • Training Facilitation 

  • Public Sector Integration 




With over two decades of marketing experience; from local management to international leadership, David has participated in large scale event, marketing and expedition endeavors on all seven continents. 

David's experience covers a lot of ground.



With a focus on policy analysis, leadership, marketing and communications , team building and nonprofit administration, David brings a firm academic foundation to planning and project management.

David has concentrated on local politics and grassroots campaigns to create change along with wide ranging industry specific information campaigns.

David believes in the power of motivated people on local levels to do good things.


The current global Covid-19 pandemic crisis has devastated multiple industries and has damaged many economies. David is currently looking to the future and planning on assisting hospitality and tourism operations as they try to regain their footing when they attempt to open up for business. 

David is working with multiple hospitality organizations to determine what the best strategic plans might be for moving forward. David is attempting to see how businesses might see the future clearly as we approach what is certainly a new era. 

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