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Leadership positions in large scale event, marketing, public policy, and expedition endeavors world wide. 

Public Policy


Training and Education 

Organizational Design & Culture

Digital Creative



Public Administration expertise


Strategic public and private policy planning.

Local politics and grassroots efforts.

Large-scale industry-wide partnership development.

Collective Impact Strategies 



Photographing Water

Marketing Fiction

Let's talk about Hospitality Apprenticeship Programs

Restaurant and Lodging Leadership 


An organizational change effort requires system thinkers, creative rebels, and tech and data-crunching know how.

The whole globe is trying to solve the same same problem right now. Workers and employers need to be connected in meaningful ways. 

People are a region's greatest natural resource. 
A considerable amount of energy is being aimed at understanding new workspace paradigms.
What does the future workforce look like during, and after, undergoing a massive and unexpected change event?

Will higher education meet the educational needs of a new and emergent workforce? 

A paradigm shift?
How ready are people to "work differently?" 

How do we train workers to leverage technology?
Speak to your teams, and help find pathways through the  communications issues that face the globe at this exact moment in time. 
What is the training people need most today? 
What is the platform that gets it to them?

What are the best adult learning processes?

How do you evaluate if your plans are working? 

How do you chart a course? 
How do small businesses with a little foundation stay intact while at the same time learning a whole new skill set?
How does a new way of thinking and operating spread across a company? A large industry? A public agency? National Volunteers? 

The digital realm is no longer a "frontier." It is The Public Space.
During the crisis many agencies, businesses, and organizations have had to migrate from brick and mortar locations to a virtual presence almost overnight. 
Some have navigated this journey better than others. 

Digital strategies for training and education are paramount.

Contact David to start a personal conversation. 

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